Thoughts: Why do you cook?

27/11/2017Grilier Gourmet

There are people who cook to fill stomachs, others cook to fill souls. That’s my case.

When I was a six years old kid, I started by learning the basics. At the beginning I learned to peel potatoes, so when my father got home tired from work he would have work less to do. He made us the classic dish for kids, fried eggs and fries. A perfect choice for my little brother and me. My mom worked on the opposite work shift with my dad so they didn’t saw each other during the week, but they managed somehow to have time for us.

I spent my summer holidays with my grandparents, where my love for cooking increased during the following years. Each summer, I tried to learn everything I could from them. So I stayed next to the wood stove while my grandmother was cooking all the dishes we love. If I close my eyes I can still feel the aromas that were in the kitchen. From her I learned that the cooking fills much more more than the stomach.

I spent some nights with my grandfather, smoking hams and chorizos, watching as the hot coals and bay leaves burned in front of us.

I never got bored with those simple things, they made me so happy. But today, I’m thankful for having the chance of experience them. And for having felt so loved and cared.

I can’t remember when I started to be the one who cooked at home. Then my mother who is a good cook, started to be an observer. Now that I’m a married woman, living with my husband, my mother regained her place as official cook.

Sometimes things don’t go as you expect, timing fails, you forgot to put some ingredients, the recipe wasn’t the best, too much fire, little rest, etc. There are many factors that can fail, but when you do things with love, it shows.

It doesn’t matter if you cook for yourself, for your loved one, for a birthday or even a barbecue. You can do it simple or complex, but always give the best of you.

When I´m having guests at home, I worry about knowing their favorite dishes or about doing something that I know everyone is going to like. If I know that the tastes are very different, I prepare two options, and several desserts for the sweet tooth.

I know I have a lot to learn, but the most important thing is to never stop trying.

When you are true to yourself is easy to apply it to every aspect of your life. As a company, we are strong believers of this, if you are going to do something, you should do it well. If it is not going to be like that, don’t even try it. We strive with everything we do, we care about the details, and we hope that our customers will see us that way.

When the time comes to sit at the table, after so much work and dedication, and you see the happy faces, enjoying their plates, asking if there is more or if they can have a second serving. That’s the moment when you realize you did it right. Maybe you will hear from time to time a “…it needs a bit more salt” or “I’m not a dessert person”. But it’s ok if one of them is happy, that will be enough.

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