Tips: How to clean your BBQ grill grates?

15/02/2018Grilier Gourmet

We enjoy a barbecue night! But cleaning up the barbecue grill and grill grates can be a real mess. There are various methods which can clean your grill grates. We are here to help you to clean and enjoy more your barbecue. 

Barbecue grill grates need regular cleaning simply because you put the food on these grates. 


First at all, after you use are done with the barbecue, take a brass grill brush and start brushing the grates. This will remove all the particles stuck to the grates. If you brush the grates every time you use it, makes it easy to clean. 


If the previous technique isn’t enough, you can do another thing. Instead of using harmful products, use something simple and cheap: newspaper. After using your bbq remove the hot grill grates (with pliers or something to protect your hands) and wrap them in old newspapers that have been soaked with water. Keep them wrapped for 15 minutes. Then, steam loosens burned-on foods, which easily scrape-off. 


Another method you can use when the grates are cool enough to handle. Fill a large bucket with hot water, and add half a cup of dish soap and a quarter cup of baking soda, and stir this. Now, remove the grates from the grill and soak them in the previous solution for about an hour. Scrub the grates properly with the help of a brass brusher. Then rinse the grates and let it dry. 


There are many other methods, like this one: with barbecue still hot, make a ball out of the foil and dip it in the water, and sprinkle baking soda on the ball. Start scrubbing the grates following the direction of the bars. Now clean the grill grates running an olive oil soaked (not dripping please!) paper towel over it and several times. Finish it off using a dry paper towel. Allow the remaining olive oil “evaporate”. 


And there is a more natural method to clean you barbecue grill: onion. Yes, onion. Make the grill super super hot, then cut an onion in half and rub the half-cut onion on the grill with the help of a fork. Your grill grates will be clean to cook whatever you like. 

 Now you have multiple options to clean your barbecue. No excuses! As you can see there are many methods you can use. You can even combine two or more methods and your grill grates will be really clean! 

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